Our Secret

When a customer wants to remodel their kitchen, we do something a little different than your typical contractor. What we do at Randal Winter Construction to assure we have satisfied customers is first to find out what the customer’s needs are for their new custom kitchen. This is accomplished through an extensive interview in their home.

The following are just some points we cover in the interview
  • Measure the existing kitchen

  • Evaluate if the new custom kitchen is expanded into another room, or pushed out an exterior wall if more space is required.

  • We review new appliances.

  • We visit appliance stores together.

  • We quiz the client for their personal choices of styles and functions.

  • The new appliances were chosen to affect the floor plan and cabinet layout.

  • We’ll review the finishes for the appliances.

  • We then gather appliance specifications, which include sizes, the electrical, water, gas, and drainage needs.

  • Next, we review and specify new plumbing fixtures and functions.

Next, we review and specify new plumbing fixtures and functions.
  • Will an Instant-hot water system be needed?

  • Will a filtered water system be required?

  • What types of faucets, sprayers and water chiller systems will be considered?

  • What about the finishes (chrome, bronze, nickel, brushed chrome) and styles (modern, transitional, traditional)?

Then we’ll review and select kitchen lighting for your new custom kitchen
  • Will there be pendant lights over bars and cooking areas?

  • Recessed lights under counters?

  • Indirect lighting on top of cabinets, inside-cabinet lighting with glass doors and shelves?

  • Randal will also review the new lighting electrical needs, light switches, dimmers, and colors. Will the light switches be on the face of the splash, etc.?

  • What type of lights bulbs will we need? LED, Xeon, Compact Fluorescent, Incandescent?

Finally, we go over the tile, counters, and splash choices for the new custom kitchen.
  • Will Caesarstone, Hi-max, Corian, quartz, granite, tile, soapstone, limestone, butcher block, stainless steel, concrete or other materials be used for the new counter surface in the custom kitchen?

  • What surfaces have what characteristics? Are they impervious to water, scratch-resistant, heat resistant, with the stand the test of time, or how practical will the surface be for the client’s needs?

  • We review cabinets and trim styles for the new custom kitchen as well as doors and drawer styles, hardware and finishes. Will it be contemporary, modern, rustic, Shaker, traditional, or country?

  • Will the cabinets be frameless flush overlay, face frame inset, face frame overlay?

  • What will be the new finishes and trim styles?

Then the work begins

Once all these decisions have been agreed upon with the client, Randy and his experienced craftsmen will execute the custom kitchen the clients really want and dream about. This process once complete assures a happy customer.