The Randal Winter Experience

Phase 1
  • Initial Communication - A live person answers your call to help you and guide you to the appropriate resource.
  • Make an Appointment - We inquire into your construction needs, and we schedule an appointment for our Estimator to visit your home.
  • Estimator Visit - Our Estimator visits your project to understand your desires as well as collect preliminary site data such as critical measurements and photos of areas to be improved.
  • Budgetary Estimate - Your project desires are compiled into a rough sketch so the Estimator can create a labor and material cost estimate. The labor and material cost estimate is called a "Budgetary Estimate."
  • Your Review - Your Budgetary Estimate is forwarded to you for review.
Phase 2
  • Office visit - If your review of the Budgetary Estimate is favorable, then we invite you to our office. Upon meeting the RGW Team, you sign a contract and make a deposit and further discuss expectations on your project.
  • Home Visit - You invite RGW Architect to your home for detailed measurements and before-construction photos. You discuss more in-depth project desires with our Architect.
  • Concepts and Design - The Architect designs your project and creates conceptual drawings.
  • Office Visit - You visit the office to review conceptual drawings and develop a list of needed products. You make some key product selections. Architect gives you a list of vendors for further product choices.
  • Finalize Plans - The Architect finalizes plans upon receipt of your completed list of product selections.
Phase 3
  • Change Order - We adjust the agreement in terms of scope and pricing via a form called a Change Order to reflect specific product selections.
  • Permits and Approvals - Once you complete your product selections, the Architect gets city or county approvals and obtains the building permits.
  • Internal Review - The General Contractor, Architect, and Project Manager review your approved project plans and specifications. Project Manager establishes a target project start date.
  • Scheduling - The project manager works to schedule our crew, subcontractor, and suppliers on your project. We set a start date for your job.
  • Work Begins - Work commences and continues until complete. The city inspectors perform a final inspection.
  • Debrief and Documentation - RGW Team arrives at your home for final debriefing, photographs, and videos.