Residential Services

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Transforming Homes for Decades

Your house is your sanctuary, a place to find a sense of belonging. It is where families begin, friends gather, and social festivities and celebrations take place. You want your house to be built with intention- a cozy home with the right atmosphere, in a welcoming environment. Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. will help with those DIY projects that are overwhelming to create your perfect space. 

What Sets Us Apart

We seize every project as an opportunity to invest in our vision for the communities we live and work in. Randal G. WInter Construction, Inc. is more than the typical contractor, we provide design-build solutions for unparalleled home remodel projects. Throughout each stage of a project we have professionals and experts in every area to offer insight for a thoroughly successful design. This benefits our clients through the exceptional functionality and features that are considered throughout their remodel plans.

Our Team Serves You

Randal G. Winter Construction is here for you. Our team is comprised of professionals and artisans in their respective specialties, and collaboration is part of our process every step of the way. We focus on quality, not quantity, so the details of your home remodeling project are just as important to us as they are to your family. 

Discover How to Bring Lasting Value to Your Home

We design and build dream kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living spaces, and much more. When you have a quality construction company doing the job right, you SAVE money in the long run. Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. provides residential services to clients in Santa Clarita and the surrounding Los Angeles area. Our experienced design team and dependable builders can make your dream project come to life. We offer services for all areas of your home

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Create the Atmosphere of Your Dreams