Bathroom Remodels

Modern bathroom remodel by Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc
Bathroom Remodeling by Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc.

From cabinets to tile, we do it all. Let our designers work with you one on one to create a functional and beautiful space that you and your family will love. Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. has decades of experience in bathroom remodeling and residential construction but we strive to do more than the typical contractor. Our process prioritizes the client experience and ensures they are satisfied with the result AND proud to show it off. We create unique design solutions to make standard features beautiful and seamlessly integrated into your home. If you wish to upgrade your bathroom with our design skills, contact us to find out how we can take your remodel plans to the next level. Each project brings our team an opportunity to help clients improve their quality of life through the functionality and beauty of their homes. This opportunity guides the many decisions we make throughout a project but also for our business, from the staff we invest in, to the professional connections we cultivate.

Minimalist bathroom remodel by Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc.
Let Our Professionals Transform Your Bathroom

Has a DIY bathroom project been on your to do list, but somehow remains on the list because it feels like a daunting task? Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. has completed hundreds of remodel projects and understands the complexity of the process. We begin every project with an in-depth analysis of the existing space and discuss your vision for the remodel, from the overall style you desire to specific fixtures. The design process allows your vision to shine and our team will assist you in choosing the best materials for your style and budget. Bathroom remodels typically include new tiles, paint, shower enclosures, vanities, toilets, sinks, floors, and lighting fixtures. 

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Licensed and insured professionals you can trust with your home. We are proud to work with and retain a team of highly skilled artisans and designers to serve our clients. Every designer, project manager, builder, and resource your project may require can be found under our roof.

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve been able to simplify the remodeling process for clients to make it less stressful. We know that diving into something you don’t have experience in can be daunting so we start every project with an in-depth interview and analysis of your needs. This allows us to guide our clients in the right direction and better explain the steps of the construction process. Our goal is to get the job done right and provide all the resources you need from architects and designers to a project manager to keep track of all the moving parts.

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