Mario Lua

Architectural Designer

Mario Lua joined Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. in April 2022

Before Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. Mario Lua worked at USG ceilings Plus for 7 years as a Project Engineer and was involved in the design and fabrication of complex systems as well as managing his own design business for residential projects

Mario received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Centro Universitario Don Vasco in Uruapan Michoacan Mexico in 1986 and moved to California where he had the opportunity to work in construction and continue with his passion for design and architecture. He has provided design and full working Drawings for residential projects throughout southern California. 

Mario’s experience in the architectural field as well as 3D modeling and design is a good fit for Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. since we specialize in residential and small commercial projects. His experience now allows Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. to offer full design/build services from the beginning design concept all the way through the completion of construction. Mario is responsible for creating plans to guide clients through the design process, complete full working drawings, obtain building permits, and assist with questions in the field.