Armine Jones

I want to thank you for doing such a great job on the remodel and making my home look wonderful! Since this was the first time that I’ve done anything like this, I was nervous not knowing what to expect. I had heard so many nightmare stories of contractor problems, half completed jobs, delays, etc. But the fact that I had five different people recommend your company really put my mind at ease. From the first meeting that I had with you and sean, I knew things would go well. And in reality, everything went great, sean was organized, on top of everything, and easy to reach, even the time that I had to reach him on the weekend! All your workers, especially Manny, Chris, Jake, Trevor and the others, were always professional, respectful, on time and always cleaned up before they left. I would come home from work and saw no evidence of the workers being here, except, of course, the work they completed for that day, schedules were met, work was completed and I am happy. And don’t let me forget about Richard, thanks for the follow-up phone calls and reminders. Randy, thank you for giving my house a facelift and making it so beautiful!