Brad Lanfranco

Those guys were awesome. No doubt about it, they are the best contractor we’ve ever worked with, period. I would do a commercial for this guy and say that. That’s how fantastic he and his crew were. They were professional from the start. That’s how impressed I was with these guys from the beginning. It wasn’t just a professional courtesy — it was like he was like family. He and his team were nice, respectful, and respectful to my wife. They were polite to her and well-mannered and a great crew. The painters and contractors were all top-notch from the get-go. Not only was everything done correctly, but everything was beyond that. They did a little more that they didn’t need to. Those guys are fantastic, him and his whole crew. They’re really nice people. I would call him first for anything else, even if it’s not up his alley, just to see if he has someone he could refer us to.