Chris G.

My wife and I needed to rebuild the shower in our master bath. The grout around the bench was cracked after many years of use, and the plastic pan on the floor was attached to it by what looked like white grout but was really just silicone sealant. While cleaning this with a brush one day, it literally pulled out of the slot all covered in what looked like black mold. Scary, since this shower is on the other side of the wall from our 3-year-old daughter’s room. I had visions of the entire bench and parts of the wall-crawling with the black stuff. We didn’t even use that shower for a long time. When we finally committed to getting it back in working order, we did a lot of research and eventually got bids from three different folks. One guy wanted an obscene amount of money; his work justified it, but it was out of our price range. Another guy thought he was too good for us and never even called us back. Grr…randy came out and looked at what we were facing, sat and listened patiently to our concerns, and told us exactly how he was going to fix it, down to the last detail. His price was slightly higher than we hoped to pay, but more than fair, considering the work involved. We decided to go with him and his guys and we are so happy we did. Everyone showed up on time, everyone was courteous, and everyone was professional. They knew their jobs and they got them done, on time. The job came in on time and on budget. No kidding…the attention to detail observed by everyone, from the carpenters to the tiler to the plumber to the guys who came to install the new door, was exemplary. They took care of us like we were family. When anything needs fixing at our place in the future, you already know who we’re going to call. I trust him completely. Run, don’t walk. You won’t be disappointed. Randy and his crew are the real deal.