Dan Ginnetti

When I was in college, I spent three years working for a general contractor. What I learned during that time is that jobs don’t start on time, they don’t finish on time, the crew is unreliable, careless, and messy and there will undoubtedly be significant cost overruns. I have never been proven so wrong before. When I signed the contract nearly a month before the start date, Randy gave me an estimated date for the work to commence. He started on that exact date at 7:30 a.m. sharp. He told me that the project would take approximately 3 weeks from start to finish barring any unforeseen problems or add-ons. Well, there were significant add-ons, which we requested, and he completed the work in only two weeks. I was not billed even $1 more than we had contractually agreed on. Randy kept me informed on a daily basis as to the progress. To say Randy’s crew was outstanding is an understatement. They showed up to the job on time every day and gave 100% while they were there. They were courteous, polite, and very respectful of how their work impedes on your everyday life. My biggest concern in doing this project was the safety of my 2-1/2 year old and 5 month old. Randy’s crew was very conscientious of the fact that there were young children in the house and cleaned up items that could pose a safety hazard nearly every hour, they took great strides to protect the rest of the house from noise, dust, and debris. The quality of tile work was fantastic. I had an open-air loft installed. My greatest fear was that when it was completed it would look like an add-on. The transition from existing structure to the loft was seamless. It looks like it was there from the original date of construction. My family, friends and neighbors can’t believe how incredible it looks. My neighbors are already lining up to call Randy.