Debrorah Hofstedt

I love my newly remodeled master bathroom and dining room! They turned out even nicer than I had imagined. It is amazing the transformation that took place after having had the pipe burst and the walls torn out. I like to just go into each room, look around and enjoy how beautiful they are thanks to you and your construction team. Everyone who comes over comments on the gorgeous new sliding french doors in the dining room. You were right to recommend them and I am so pleased with the way they were installed and how well the stucco patch matches the exterior. The drywall work in both rooms is seamless and the texture is very well done as well as the painting. I am especially pleased with the stunning tile work in the bathroom. I really enjoyed working on the design with your tile contractor, Chris. I appreciate how patient he was and meticulous in laying the tile. All the underlying carpentry, electrical, and positioning of the lights is just right, too. I’m glad you told me about putting an outlet behind the vanity for my hairdryer, so it can be hidden in a drawer. That was genius and so convenient. I believe the overriding reason that the bath and dining rooms turned out so well is because you take such pride in your workmanship and have such a depth of experience in building. You guided me through the project with patience and knowledge, always knew how to solve a problem, made great suggestions I wouldn’t have thought of, made sure all work was completed to my satisfaction and cheerfully reworked anything that did not look right, kept a tight schedule and completed everything on time and for the contracted amount plus the few reasonably priced change orders that I authorized. You are among the rare few who truly can and do produce the high quality of work that is promised. It was a pleasure doing business with you.