Dena and Derek Rusk

The world’s coolest bathroom is done, thanks to you and your one-of-a-kind team.  Debbie’s designs and ideas came out gorgeous.  Anytime I had a question or change of plan, she got back to me right away with an easy resolution.  (even when I emailed her asking her what mascara she had on because I had to buy it!)  Kara and Kathy were always available and helpful, and so kind. Sean rocks.  Seriously, he knows everything, and is so calm and efficient.  He runs the whole show effortlessly, or at least makes it look that way.  Trevor and Latham are incredibly hard-working, and I don’t think there is anything they can’t do. They did SO much to get the job done, what a dynamic team those two are.  Brandon is friendly and personable, and always knows just what to do.  Dakota worked really hard, did such nice work, and was always so nice.  A huge shout out to Jake.  Jake is not just a tile layer, he is an artist.  He takes such pride in his work, and I highly doubt there is anyone on this earth who can create what he creates. He made me the most awesome shower, and I truly appreciate all his hard work.  I am sure I forgot someone, but please thank everyone from us.  Your team is fantastic, and we love our new bathroom so much. Thank you!!  We are so excited it is all done, because I haven’t showered in 10 weeks.  CHEERS!