Martha and Paul Zerella

You and everyone you had to do work in our home did a magnificent job. We would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone who asked and to have them see what you accomplished in our home as an example of the kind of work you do. You spent a great deal of time with us before you even quoted the job. You not duly wanted to understand what we wanted and what our expectations were, but you wanted to get to know us a little so that you could make better suggestions as to what you thought we should consider. You have the perfect manner for this stage of the job. You listened, looked at our house, and were very good about making suggestions. You were not pushy but were almost always right about what we should do. Looking back on it, it is not surprising that you knew better then we did what we wanted it is what you do every day and this was our first serious remodel. The real test of your judgment is how satisfied we are with the results and how much less satisfied we would have been if we had done things our way without your input. During the project, things not only went smoothly they went without drama. Now, we had unforeseen circumstances, but your and Sean’s reactions to those circumstances were extraordinary. No one ever got upset and the two of you were totally focused on the outcome, not the process for getting there. There was no sense of being rushed ever on those few occasions when dealings cropped up that had to be dealt with quickly. Either you, Sean or both of you, were there to make decisions almost immediately, without ever seeming to hurry. Having workers in our home for eight or ten weeks is not something we were looking forward to, but all of your craftsmen were a joy to have around. The carpenters, the electrician, the painters, the masons, every last one of them was polite, pleasant, and most importantly, extremely skilled. We would be glad to have any one or them, or all of them at once, in our home again. There weren`t many subcontractors but they were the same, especially the cabinet makers whose confidence and professionalism was borne out by the beauty of their work. From the time our old kitchen was demolished to the time all the windows in the house were replaced, the electrical redone throughout the house, the new floors put in and the kitchen redone was about 10 weeks. The greatest tribute to your skill is that in all that time, we never had a day without anyone on the job, had exactly one day when there was only one craftsman in our home, and there was only one day when there was so much going on that the painters decided to go to another job. You started the work, you finished it, you moved on to the next job. We can’t think of a way that our remodel could have been done better. We would recommend you to anyone who asked and is willing to show the results in our home as evidence of your skill and that of your craftsmen.