Michael A. Braun

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding service you provided my family and me before our recent move from the area. As you know, I was recently promoted and transferred to Michigan from California. We didn’t have much time to prepare for our relocation and, as could be expected, we experienced some last-minute glitches with the sale of our home. We were required to make some repairs for the government relocation contractor who would purchase our home; that’s where you came in. We became accustomed to calling you anytime we needed contracting work since moving to the area three years ago. Needless to say, we knew we could count on you to get the work completed when the relocation contractor dropped the recent bombshell on us. As usual, you responded to our needs quickly and professionally. I’m sorry to say that we’ve learned over the years that many contractors cannot be trusted. That’s not the case with you and your company. Randy, we deeply appreciate the fact that you always treated us fairly and we could always rely on you to stand behind your work. Thanks again for coming through for us during this recent move. We plan on returning to Valencia to retire in a few years and it’s comforting to know that you’ll be in the area and ready to help when we need you.