Ronald Hansen

To all commercial building owners and commercial building tenants: Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. has been our general contractor of choice for the past 12 years. He has executed our building needs many times in an expeditious and efficient manner. Whether we needed a door hung, modernizing our restrooms to hands-free, upgrading our kitchen and break room, or building out new office spaces, he has handled our needs professionally and cost-effectively. Randy has taken our building ideas, translated them into plans, acquired building permits, and completed projects within the predetermined price and time constraints, as a builder of air and spacecraft parts, we are accustomed to rigorous and precise production demands. Randy and his team have made sure that we get the fit and finish appropriate to our particular project demands. As well as a great taskmaster, randy has a talent for design implementation and builds to economically engineered standards. I strongly recommend Randal G. Winter for any building remodeling you might be considering.