5 Home Renovation and Remodeling Myths

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Home Renovation and Remodel Myths

Home renovation is not something one does every day. Many people base the reasons for hiring a general contractor on a remodeling myth. This denies them the opportunity to enjoy the best services when the need arises. Here we will go over five popular renovation myths and hopefully eliminate them along the way. Then you can approach your project with more confidence and knowledge.

Remodeling Myth #1: A permit is not needed when renovating.

You may need permits and/or HOA approval before any construction begins. A professional contractor will take care of these items for you. Some renovations that require permits include adding or demolishing a part of a building, plumbing and heating systems, creating new openings and changing window and door size. Typical projects that do not require a permit include painting and decorating, new flooring, carpet installation and a simple addition of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Remodeling Myth #2: A contractor and designer are both needed to do a remodel.

It actually depends on what needs to be done and what you want to be done. For instance, you may want to include a designer for interior space planning, the simple addition of fixtures or a change in color themes. Contractors on the other hand deal more with complex building design, making sure beams would not sag and floors would not bounce. Randal G. Winter Construction provides design consulting as part of our remodeling package and we provide the customer with the ultimate result.

Remodeling Myth #3: Doing the renovation yourself, hiring an unemployed relative or your local handyman to do the job will save

Home renovation is not as simple as replacing worn out carpets or replacing torn wallpaper. Using a trusted professional can actually save time and money.  A professional contractor will provide you with a written estimate of the project, a calendar of events, and in some cases a warranty on the work that they do, so you know what to expect and when and will proactively communicate with you through the process the project meets the minimum quality threshold.

Remodeling Myth #4: Interior renovations do not need HOA approval.

It always suggested that any renovation plans must be pre-approved by the HOA in order to prevent any delays in the project. There are many instances when projects have had to be put on hold because some components of the project were disapproved by the HOA. It is also important to explain the products used clearly because a vague explanation would result in disapproval especially if the HOA has not heard of it and does not realize the benefits that come with it.

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Renovation Myth #5: Most projects run longer and cost more in the end.

It is true that some renovation projects may go beyond the projected budget range and time frame but that would only happen without proper planning, research and setting of goals. Determine your financial limits before anything else. From there, you can start researching about costs of materials you want, the extent of renovation and the service providers to do the job. As soon as you decide on a professional contractor, discuss your budget and time frame. Depending on the age of the home, you may want to have a contingency fund available for unexpected issues.  Even the best contractor can’t determine if you have a mold issue inside the walls or if your wiring and plumbing meet the current code until they start they dig into the project.  Those are real issues that must be addressed.  A reputable contractor like Randal G. Winter Construction will not take shortcuts to avoid adhering to the building code, we will do it right or not at all.

Do you have questions about adding an entertainment wall to your living room, or maybe upgrading your kitchen?  Would you like a room addition or a casita on your property? No matter what your project entails, the remodeling team at Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. is here to help you.

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