Whole House Remodeling

Whole House Remodeling

Homes built twenty to forty years ago just don’t meet the needs we have today in 2018.  Call it trendy or simply knowing that there are better options to suit today’s lifestyle.  With new tastes in home remodeling, home design, and function, we see our homes differently than before.

Some reasons to remodel include:

  • Parental responsibility: A desire to keep our kids at home. Creating kid-friendly spaces.
  • Time management and cost savings: Eliminate redundant maintenance. Install maintenance-free building materials such as concrete siding, composite decking, and railing materials.
  • Energy consciousness: Replace energy inefficient building products like windows and doors.
  • Mobility: Removing walls to alter floor plans so the flow of the home is uninterrupted and open.
  • Space requirements: Adding needed space by using existing vaulted ceilings and
  • Functionality and beauty: Updating dilapidated kitchens. Remodeling old bathrooms.
  • Environmental consciousness: Reduce one’s carbon footprint. Tankless water heaters and solar.
  • Entertainment: Creating spaces for groups of friends and family.
Consider Your Needs

Think about your current needs... Do you need more space?  Consider converting a bedroom to a home office or craft/game room.  Alternatively, how about a home gym, wireless media room, or converting a garage to an additional bedroom?  Also, have you thought about creating an outdoor kitchen, expanding outdoor living areas such as decks and covered patios, pool or spa?  What about aging in place, multi-generations living in your home (boomerang-kids and aging parents)?  By choosing projects like these to enhance your living space, your family benefits from the added enjoyment you receive from living in an updated home.

Avoid the Financial Stress of Moving

Some significant benefits to consider when contemplating a whole house remodel are that it is typically less expensive to renovate your home than to move to another residence.  Your property taxes do not increase as much as they would when buying a new home.  Your neighbors and schools will stay the same.  Whole house remodeling also has the added benefit of increasing the value of your property.

Remodeling your home is an excellent way for you to extend its functionality and beauty.  Health, safety, convenience, and security are also reasons to remake your home into your sanctuary.

Let Our Team Help

These benefits might have prompted you to rethink the possibilities of transforming your home to fit your desires.  Many homeowners are motivated to improve their home, but just don’t know where to start.  When visiting our design studio, many visitors, at first, are overwhelmed by the vast number of choices in the early planning stages. Relax.  By having a professional, licensed and insured contractor with over 37 years of experience and a licensed in-house architect to work with, the sense of being overwhelmed with decisions disappears quickly.  With a stellar reputation and a long list of delighted clients, rest assured that Randal G. Winter Construction can help you, too, through this creative maze.