My wife and I had planned on adding a downstairs master bedroom for quite some time.  We have never taken on a project such as this so we were apprehensive.  A huge investment.  We reached out to several contract companies for estimates, all with similar quotes.  We chose Randy of Randal Winter Construction because he had great suggestions and he came highly recommended.  So glad we did. We knew this was going to be an expensive project, so we wanted to work with a professional.  We needed help.  Also the fact is, Randy is a genuinely kind man with a great team.  The majority of the crews that came to do work are employed by Randy.  They all were kind, respectful and truly understand how difficult it is to have such a disruption in your home for many months.  Randy’s design expert is Debbie, and she is awesome.  She designed exactly what we wanted and made incredible suggestions that we loved.  Randy’s project manager, Sean was great, on top of all work, making sure we stayed on track and also suggested many things we didn’t even think about.  All of Randy’s team were outstanding: Trevor, Dakotah, Jake, Brett, Brandon, Patricio, Justin, and the super efficient office folks Kara and Kathy.  The job finished up even better than we had hoped.  We asked Randy’s team to add some work in the backyard, BBQ and wood fired pizza oven.  It’s a work of art and we couldn’t be happier.  We spend more  time in our yard now than we ever have in 32 years. If you are considering any construction work on your home or business, I STRONGLY suggest you reach out to Randy, you won’t be disappointed.  We love what they did and how they did it!  You will too.

Pete & Julie Villegas

Dear Randy,

The world’s coolest bathroom is done, thanks to you and your one-of-a-kind team.  Debbie’s designs and ideas came out gorgeous.  Anytime I had a question or change of plan, she got back to me right away with an easy resolution.  (even when I emailed her asking her what mascara she had on because I had to buy it!)  Kara and Kathy were always available and helpful, and so kind. Sean rocks.  Seriously, he knows everything, and is so calm and efficient.  He runs the whole show effortlessly, or at least makes it look that way.  Trevor and Latham are incredibly hard-working, and I don’t think there is anything they can’t do. They did SO much to get the job done, what a dynamic team those two are.  Brandon is friendly and personable, and always knows just what to do.  Dakota worked really hard, did such nice work, and was always so nice.  A huge shout out to Jake.  Jake is not just a tile layer, he is an artist.  He takes such pride in his work, and I highly doubt there is anyone on this earth who can create what he creates. He made me the most awesome shower, and I truly appreciate all his hard work.  I am sure I forgot someone, but please thank everyone from us.  Your team is fantastic, and we love our new bathroom so much. Thank you!!  We are so excited it is all done, because I haven’t showered in 10 weeks.  CHEERS! ~Dena and Derek Rusk

Dena & Derek Rusk

In writing this long overdue letter to you, Mike and I have greatly enjoyed our association with you and your company. Your expertise and guidance were greatly appreciated. Before, during and after construction it was a pleasure working with you and your crew. The results of our remodel are even beyond our own expectations when minor ‘glitches’ occurred, they were handled within an acceptable time frame and to our satisfaction. With every facet of our remodel, you maintained a professional, knowledgeable, capable and considerate manner. Mike and I are very satisfied with the working relationship that developed and with our beautiful room addition. Please feel free to provide our name to clients who may be considering Randal Winter Construction as their contractor.

Mike and Roxanne Brown

It is with deep gratitude that we write this letter to you and your amazing crew for the extraordinary job you did with our recent major remodel. Our experience was great and we couldn’t be happier with the beautiful results. We chose you as our contractor because of your excellent reputation. You came highly recommended to us by our friends who had already worked with your company. You helped us from the very start of this job with your insight, your expertise, your excellent sense of style, and your willingness to listen to our ideas. The scope of tile job got larger when we realized that your recommendations were sound as well as exciting! The integrity that you brought to our job was priceless. There wasn‘t a detail that was overlooked or a problem that wasn’t resolved in a most timely manner. Your crew was on the job site every day, on time, and ready to do the work which reflected the highest level of excellence that you expected of them. Special thanks to sean, Scott, Trevor, manny, David. And the rest of your team for their outstanding skills and wonderful can–do attitudes. They were always willing to go above and beyond, and for that, we are so appreciative.We were especially impressed with your continuous availability and your constant presence at our house. You took your limited and valuable time to make sure that everything was going well, in the correct sequence, and with courteous craftsmen doing the work to perfection. When sean, your project manager, represented you on the job, we trusted his judgment entirely and were never disappointed. He was delightful to work with. Your collaboration with Dina del Valle, the fabulous interior designer that you recommended, made everything seamless. The house looks amazing, and we will always be indebted to you for making that happen.An added bonus, of course, was your personable style which made us grow very fond of you so quickly!! Your good spirits and mild-mannered disposition. Coupled with your unconditional integrity, made any issue just a little glitch which got taken care of immediately. What fun it was to work with you, problem-solve with you and laugh with you. How many customers can say (hat they have acquired a genuine affection for their contractors? We are truly more than satisfied clients, and would consider it an honor to be utilized as a referral to any and all future clients.

Andi and Fred Gruber

I just wanted to send you a quick letter to thank you for the loft you built in our home. We had received a few quotes from different contractors and I had heard that you were actually more expensive than most, however, this was not the case. Others would quote and give me an estimate but not let me know what this included, however, when I received your estimate in writing. I was very impressed. Every item was listed with a price quote so I could really see where the cost was going. As I would receive invoices when work was completed I would compare the cost of the original quote and the final cost was always the exact amount quoted. Also, when we would add something during construction and you would give me a quote over the phone or in person the final cost was never more than you quoted, instead it was less. This was very impressive to me and I was very thankful, as we were working on a budget. Your crew, especially Jack and Jeff were amazing. I cannot say enough about them. They were always courteous, never in the way, great with my children, and left my house swept clean and tidy every day. As a stay at home mom, it was very important for me to feel comfortable with my children and myself at home alone with construction crews in and out of my home. I was never uncomfortable leaving the crew in my home or leaving a key for them to let themselves in. Leslie, your office assistant is so very nice to talk to, you never feel as if you are bothering her and she is always very responsive to any questions or needs. As for the quality of your work – it is excellent. My sister is a construction lawyer and visited when the loft was just framed and the electrical work was done and she was very impressed her words were that ‘the construction was seamless’ and ‘very good’. I have and will refer you with high marks to anyone interested, I would only use your company from now on for any work I would like done to my house, inside or out. Thank you again for the great work and for making the construction process. That we all dread, such a good experience, the finished product is wonderful and is the most used room in our home.

JC and Fiona Alvarez

We have used Randal Winter Construction company as our general contractor for a commercial business building improvement project that required both the management of a number of subcontractors used for their specific specialties, approval and permitting of a complex project and RGW’s specific talents in general construction, electrical and plumbing work, their expertise in the various aspects of this project resulted in a commercial facility with high stack and refrigerated storage, a laboratory, shipping and packaging areas and the completion of the entire project in the time expected.We are completely satisfied with the quality of work that was done and with all of the contractor’s employees who worked on our site. Projections of costs were accurate, and the company worked with us effectively as plan changes were required.It is with pleasure that I write this letter and recommend Randal winter construction for industrial projects requiring careful oversight and project management and where complexity outside of standard contracting work is required for successful completion of the project.

W. Kevin Liddle

I have used a number of contractors while remodeling homes I owned in the past. My experience has ranged from disastrous to good, but this time I have found the last contractor I will ever need. There is absolutely no comparison between the experience working with randy winter and any other contractor.The first thing that stands out is the attention to detail by every person who worked on my house. From the constant use of levels to the seamless finishes that matched and when necessary corrected what already existed. I was especially impressed with the thought that went into the layout of the tile considering matching grout lines between different tiles and the cuts at each wall and doorway so that the appearance was pleasing to the eye, not just well laid.Then there was the experience of working with randy and his supervisors. Although I tried to keep changes to a minimum once work began, the design was a process which he improved on and with thoughtful suggestions to help me achieve my goals I ended up with a master suite that is far beyond anything I had imagined when we started. He also updated two other bathrooms at the same time but there was never a time that it was a problem. There was truly oversight and coordination which was unmatched. At every stage, I was advised by his office manager of what to expect and when individuals would be working.Finally, I quickly learned that I did not need to worry about my possessions left lying about as I lived through construction that ultimately affected every part of the house. On past occasions I had everything from personal tools, work boots and wine I was aging stolen and there was no place that was safe. With randy’s crew, many of whom have worked for him since the eighties; my possessions were respected and untouched.I would highly recommend Randall winter construction to anyone for any size job. And I am not alone. Everyone I spoke to before and after the work began, from the building inspectors to tradesmen, everyone knew randy’s work and showed trust for what he did.

Sandra Sonntag

My wife and I needed to rebuild the shower in our master bath. The grout around the bench was cracked after many years of use, and the plastic pan on the floor was attached to it by what looked like white grout but was really just silicone sealant. While cleaning this with a brush one day, it literally pulled out of the slot all covered in what looked like black mold. Scary, since this shower is on the other side of the wall from our 3-year-old daughter’s room. I had visions of the entire bench and parts of the wall crawling with the black stuff. We didn’t even use that shower for a long time.When we finally committed to getting it back in working order, we did a lot of research and eventually got bids from three different folks. One guy wanted an obscene amount of money; his work justified it, but it was out of our price range. Another guy thought he was too good for us and never even called us back. Grr…randy came out and looked at what we were facing, sat and listened patiently to our concerns, and told us exactly how he was going to fix it, down to the last detail. His price was slightly higher than we hoped to pay, but more than fair, considering the work involved. We decided to go with him and his guys and we are so happy we did.Everyone showed up on time, everyone was courteous, everyone was professional. They knew their jobs and they got them done, on time. The job came in on time and on-budget. No kidding…the attention to detail observed by everyone, from the carpenters to the tiler to the plumber to the guys who came to install the new door, was exemplary. They took care of us like we were family.When anything needs fixing at our place in the future, you already know who we’re going to call. I trust him completely.Run, don’t walk. You won’t be disappointed. Randy and his crew are the real deal.

Chris G.

We wanted to make sure that we formally thanked you, all of your staff, and the subcontractors who worked on our major condo remodeling project. We have moved in, right on schedule, thanks to your planning, coordinating, and execution of a challenging project and timeline. We are so pleased with the quality of all the work. Our beautiful home reflects the values and standards of your company. We’re still up to our eyeballs in moving boxes so we hope you’ll understand that this is just a summary of our gratitude.

Gay and Sally

Those guys were awesome. No doubt about it, they are the best contractor we’ve ever worked with, period. I would do a commercial for this guy and say that. That’s how fantastic he and his crew were. They were professional from the start. That’s how impressed I was with these guys from the beginning. It wasn’t just a professional courtesy — it was like he was like family. He and his team were nice, respectful, and respectful to my wife. They were polite to her and well-mannered and a great crew. The painters and contractors were all top-notch from the get go. Not only was everything done correctly, but everything was beyond that. They did a little more that they didn’t need to. Those guys are fantastic, him and his whole crew. They’re really nice people. I would call him first for anything else, even if it’s not up-his-alley, just to see if he has someone he could refer us to.

Brad Lanfranco

Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. recently completed a complex 5,000 square-foot ‘build out’ project at our Santa Clarita facility. While working under an extremely tight time schedule, along with a very rigid project budget, the project was completed on time and within budget. We have used Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. on several construction projects and have been very pleased with the results. I recommend Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. With great confidence.

James Hannasch

As you are no doubt aware timing is crucial in our industry, and we appreciate the swift manner in which you coordinated construction efforts to get the ring of fire up and running (and within budget!). Your immediate attention to our concerns throughout the build-out process has been sincerely appreciated.We already have future build-out plans on the chopping block so get ready for round #2!

Ken Solomon

Thank you so much for completing the tenant improvement in our new building. Your organization move so quickly, it saved us a month of rent in our previous office.We appreciate your attention to detail and the top quality of all your team’s craftsmanship. Visitors have been so impressed with how great our new headquarters looks and how soon were able to open. Please feel free to refer us to any of your prospective clients.

Andy Dervin

The Randal G. Winter Construction company of Valencia, California recently completed the build out of a 1,200 square foot space in our building. Mr. Randy Winter and his crew exceeded our expectations in the quality of construction and finished the project on time. Randy worked closely with us and our designer to accommodate our special needs and to comply with the strict building regulations of the city of Glendale. His coordination of the many subcontractors involved in the project kept work flowing smoothly, on time, and on-budget.

Rev. Dan Ussery

During May of 1997, it became necessary for the Ranch House Inn to replace an exterior deck and stairs. This was a major construction job, with the hotel full and a limited time frame for the completion of this project. Mr. Winter of Randal G. Winter Construction was one of three bidders for this project. He was chosen because of his professionalism and because of the lowest price. Mr. Winter started and completed the project on time, he kept within the budget he set forth. The Ranch House Inn was satisfied with the work and recommend Mr. Winter for all such projects. I also would like to note that we have several projects planned for the improvement of the Ranch House Inn and Mr. Winter will be offered those projects as they arise.

Kevin McLay

To all commercial building owners and commercial building tenants: Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. has been our general contractor of choice for the past 12 years. He has executed our building needs many times in an expeditious and efficient manner. Whether we needed a door hung, modernizing our restrooms to hands-free, upgrading our kitchen and break room, or building out new office spaces, he has handled our needs professionally and cost effectively. Randy has taken our building ideas, translated them into plans, acquired building permits and completed projects within the predetermined price and time constraints, as a builder of air and spacecraft parts, we are accustomed to rigorous and precise production demands. Randy and his team have made sure that we get the fit and finish appropriate to our particular project demands.As well as a great task master, randy has a talent for design implementation and builds to economically engineered standards.I strongly recommend Randal G. Winter for any building remodeling you might be considering.

Ronald Hansen

The Randal G. Winter Construction Co. Recently completed the build out of our 4,700 square foot editing studio in Venice. Randy and his talented crew were very dependable and exceeded our expectations, I highly recommend using Randy Winter and look forward to using him and his crew on our next project.

Greg Laube

I just wanted to drop you a brief note to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you did with our Santa Monica facility. It was a complex ‘build out’ and the time frame was short, but somehow you completed the project on time and on-budget. Your crew is as good as I’ve seen anywhere; neat, dependable and always ready to answer questions when asked. As with any company, Randy, the boss, is only as good as the people that surround him, and you have some great folks. I look forward to working with you and your crew in the future. Also, I would not hesitate to recommend you as a general contractor. Please feel free to use me as a referral.

Dick Voss

Your efforts in completing the build-out in our Valencia facility far exceeded expectations. It gives me hope that someone’s word still means something. Not only were your people on time, neat, and personable, but they also put up with our all our changes. We hope you consider doing the build out when we move to Orange County facility this fall. This job site will be our future headquarters and three times larger than the Valencia site. Our interior area alone will be 45,000 square feet with approximately a third being repair area. It may be a little further than you prefer, but we would be lost without your great service (and price, but who cares about money?) Again, thank you, please let us know about Orange County.

William L. Euxford

I love my newly remodeled master bathroom and dining room! They turned out even nicer than I had imagined. It is amazing the transformation that took place after having had the pipe burst and the walls torn out. I like to just go into each room, look around and enjoy how beautiful they are thanks to you and your construction team. Everyone who comes over comments on the gorgeous new sliding french doors in the dining room. You were right to recommend them and I am so pleased with the way they were installed and how well the stucco patch matches the exterior. The drywall work in both rooms is seamless and the texture very well done as well as the painting. I am especially pleased with the stunning tile work in the bathroom. I really enjoyed working on the design with your tile contractor, Chris. I appreciate how patient he was and meticulous in laying the tile. All the underlying carpentry, electrical and positioning of the lights is just right, too. I’m glad you told me about putting an outlet behind the vanity for my hairdryer, so it can be hidden in a drawer. That was genius and so convenient. I believe the overriding reason that the bath and dining rooms turned out so well is because you take such pride in your workmanship and have such a depth of experience in building. You guided me through the project with patience and knowledge, always knew how to solve a problem, made great suggestions I wouldn’t have thought of, made sure all work was completed to my satisfaction and cheerfully reworked anything that did not look right, kept a tight schedule and completed everything on time and for the contracted amount plus the few reasonably priced change orders that I authorized. You are among the rare few who truly can and do produce the high quality of work that is promised. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Debrorah Hofstedt

You and everyone you had to do work in our home did a magnificent job. We would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone who asked and to have them see what you accomplished in our home as an example of the kind of work you do. You spent a great deal of time with us before you even quoted the job. You not duly wanted to understand what we wanted and what our expectations were, but you wanted to get to know us a little so that you could make better suggestions as to what you thought we should consider. You have the perfect manner for this stage of the job. You listened, looked at our house, and were very good about making suggestions. You were not pushy but were almost always right about what we should do. Looking back on it, it is not surprising that you knew better then we did what we wanted it is what you do every day and this was our first serious remodel. The real test of your judgment is how satisfied we are with the results and how much less satisfied we would have been if we had done things our way without your input. During the project, things not only went smoothly they went without drama. Now, we had unforeseen circumstances, but your and Sean’s reactions to those circumstances were extraordinary. No one ever got upset and the two of you were totally focused on the outcome, not the process for getting there. There was no sense of being rushed ever on those few occasions when dealings cropped up that had to be dealt with quickly. Either you, Sean or both of you, were there to make decisions almost immediately, without ever seeming to hurry. Having workers in our home for eight or ten weeks is not something we were looking forward to, but all of your craftsmen were a joy to have around. The carpenters, the electrician, the painters, the masons, every last one of them was polite, pleasant, and most importantly, extremely skilled. We would be glad to have any one or them, or all of them at once, in our home again. There weren`t many subcontractors but they were the same, especially the cabinet makers whose confidence and professionalism was borne out by the beauty of their work. From the time our old kitchen was demolished to the time all the windows in the house were replaced, the electrical redone throughout the house, the new floors put in and the kitchen redone was about 10 weeks. The greatest tribute to your skill is that in all that time, we never had a day without anyone on the job, had exactly one day when there was only one craftsman in our home, and there was only one day when there was so much going on that the painters decided to go to another job. You started the work, you finished it, you moved on to the next job. We can’t think of a way that our remodel could have been done better. We would recommend you to anyone who asked and is willing to show the results in our home as evidence of your skill and that of your craftsmen.

Martha and Paul Zerella

I want to thank you for doing such a great job on the remodel and making my home look wonderful! Since this was the first time that I’ve done anything like this, I was nervous not knowing what to expect. I had heard so many nightmare stories of contractor problems, half completed jobs, delays, etc. But the fact that I had five different people recommend your company really put my mind at ease. From the first meeting that I had with you and sean, I knew things would go well. And in reality, everything went great, sean was organized, on top of everything, and easy to reach, even the time that I had to reach him on the weekend! All your workers, especially Manny, Chris, Jake, Trevor and the others, were always professional, respectful, on time and always cleaned up before they left. I would come home from work and saw no evidence of the workers being here, except, of course, the work they completed for that day, schedules were met, work was completed and I am happy. And don’t let me forget about Richard, thanks for the follow-up phone calls and reminders. Randy, thank you for giving my house a facelift and making it so beautiful!

Armine Jones

I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous job you did on our addition. It was exactly what we hoped for. The whole process went very smoothly and I appreciate all the attention you gave to us. Every day someone was at our house to address any concerns we had and to let us know what was on the schedule for the week. Your crew was friendly and very conscientious about leaving the premises neat and clean.It was wonderful how well each phase of the project was planned and orchestrated. Our construction was completed on time and on-budget which we were so pleased about. It was a pleasure working with you and everyone in your company. The best part is that our addition looks beautiful and we have you to thank for that.

Jenny Altenau

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding service you provided my family and me before our recent move from the area. As you know, I was recently promoted and transferred to Michigan from California. We didn’t have much time to prepare for our relocation and, as could be expected, we experienced some last minute glitches with the sale of our home. We were required to make some repairs for the government relocation contractor who would purchase our home; that’s where you came in. We became accustomed to calling you anytime we needed contracting work since moving to the area three years ago. Needless to say, we knew we could count on you to get the work completed when the relocation contractor dropped the recent bombshell on us. As usual, you responded to our needs quickly and professionally. I’m sorry to say that we’ve learned over the years that many contractors cannot be trusted. That’s not the case with you and your company. Randy, we deeply appreciate the fact that you always treated us fairly and we could always rely on you to stand behind your work. Thanks again for coming through for us during this recent move. We plan on returning to valencia to retire in a few years and it’s comforting to know that you’ll be in the area and ready to help when we need you.

Michael A. Braun

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