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Sandra Sonntag

I have used a number of contractors while remodeling homes I owned in the past. My experience has ranged from disastrous to good, but this time I have found the last contractor I will ever need. There is absolutely no comparison between the experience working with randy winter and any other contractor.The first thing that stands out is the attention to detail by every person who worked on my house. From the constant use of levels to the seamless finishes that matched and when necessary corrected what already existed. I was especially impressed with the thought that went into the layout of the tile considering matching grout lines between different tiles and the cuts at each wall and doorway so that the appearance was pleasing to the eye, not just well laid.Then there was the experience of working with randy and his supervisors. Although I tried to keep changes to a minimum once work began, the design was a process which he improved on and with thoughtful suggestions to help me achieve my goals I ended up with a master suite that is far beyond anything I had imagined when we started. He also updated two other bathrooms at the same time but there was never a time that it was a problem. There was truly oversight and coordination which was unmatched. At every stage, I was advised by his office manager of what to expect and when individuals would be working.Finally, I quickly learned that I did not need to worry about my possessions left lying about as I lived through construction that ultimately affected every part of the house. On past occasions I had everything from personal tools, work boots and wine I was aging stolen and there was no place that was safe. With randy’s crew, many of whom have worked for him since the eighties; my possessions were respected and untouched.I would highly recommend Randall winter construction to anyone for any size job. And I am not alone. Everyone I spoke to before and after the work began, from the building inspectors to tradesmen, everyone knew randy’s work and showed trust for what he did.

Chris G.

My wife and I needed to rebuild the shower in our master bath. The grout around the bench was cracked after many years of use, and the plastic pan on the floor was attached to it by what looked like white grout but was really just silicone sealant. While cleaning this with a brush one day, it literally pulled out of the slot all covered in what looked like black mold. Scary, since this shower is on the other side of the wall from our 3-year-old daughter’s room. I had visions of the entire bench and parts of the wall crawling with the black stuff. We didn’t even use that shower for a long time.When we finally committed to getting it back in working order, we did a lot of research and eventually got bids from three different folks. One guy wanted an obscene amount of money; his work justified it, but it was out of our price range. Another guy thought he was too good for us and never even called us back. Grr…randy came out and looked at what we were facing, sat and listened patiently to our concerns, and told us exactly how he was going to fix it, down to the last detail. His price was slightly higher than we hoped to pay, but more than fair, considering the work involved. We decided to go with him and his guys and we are so happy we did.Everyone showed up on time, everyone was courteous, everyone was professional. They knew their jobs and they got them done, on time. The job came in on time and on-budget. No kidding…the attention to detail observed by everyone, from the carpenters to the tiler to the plumber to the guys who came to install the new door, was exemplary. They took care of us like we were family.When anything needs fixing at our place in the future, you already know who we’re going to call. I trust him completely.Run, don’t walk. You won’t be disappointed. Randy and his crew are the real deal.

Gay and Sally

We wanted to make sure that we formally thanked you, all of your staff, and the subcontractors who worked on our major condo remodeling project. We have moved in, right on schedule, thanks to your planning, coordinating, and execution of a challenging project and timeline. We are so pleased with the quality of all the work. Our beautiful home reflects the values and standards of your company. We’re still up to our eyeballs in moving boxes so we hope you’ll understand that this is just a summary of our gratitude.

Brad Lanfranco

Those guys were awesome. No doubt about it, they are the best contractor we’ve ever worked with, period. I would do a commercial for this guy and say that. That’s how fantastic he and his crew were. They were professional from the start. That’s how impressed I was with these guys from the beginning. It wasn’t just a professional courtesy — it was like he was like family. He and his team were nice, respectful, and respectful to my wife. They were polite to her and well-mannered and a great crew. The painters and contractors were all top-notch from the get go. Not only was everything done correctly, but everything was beyond that. They did a little more that they didn’t need to. Those guys are fantastic, him and his whole crew. They’re really nice people. I would call him first for anything else, even if it’s not up-his-alley, just to see if he has someone he could refer us to.

James Hannasch

Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. recently completed a complex 5,000 square-foot ‘build out’ project at our Santa Clarita facility. While working under an extremely tight time schedule, along with a very rigid project budget, the project was completed on time and within budget. We have used Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. on several construction projects and have been very pleased with the results. I recommend Randal G. Winter Construction, Inc. With great confidence.

Ken Solomon

As you are no doubt aware timing is crucial in our industry, and we appreciate the swift manner in which you coordinated construction efforts to get the ring of fire up and running (and within budget!). Your immediate attention to our concerns throughout the build-out process has been sincerely appreciated.We already have future build-out plans on the chopping block so get ready for round #2!

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